Starving Artist, Jim Public Presents, Volume 1, by James Hough, cover image

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* Starving Artist: Jim Public Presents, Volume 1
* written and illustrated by James Hough
* published 2013, by Jim Public

DALLAS, TX — Jim Public is proud to announce the publication of the new comic book Starving Artist: Jim Public Presents, Volume 1 by Dallas-based artist James Hough. The comic tells the story of Jim, an artist and family man whose aesthetic ambitions are vitally linked to his domestic and gastric aspirations.

“Jim has a plan to sell a painting and use the cash to take his family out for burgers,” says Mr. Hough. “Starving Artist is a slice-of-life story that connects the artist’s career to the artist’s home and family. It is an Anti-Myth of the Artist.”

The reader first sees Jim floating pajama-clad through his dreams of fame, fortune, and food before he is abruptly awakened by an early alarm clock. From there he makes his kids breakfast and kisses them good-bye, setting off to exhibit his painting on the downtown Dallas streets.

The story is semi-autobiographical, much of it based on Hough’s experiences as the proprietor of his mobile gallery of contemporary art, Jim Public’s Truck.

“The gallery continues its mission ‘to present artwork in unusual, spontaneous, and neighborly ways’ with the publication of Starving Artist,” says Hough. “The comic exists digitally and in the traditional paper format, and it costs the tiniest fraction of an original painting, for example. It is an extremely accessible piece of art, a bit spontaneous and very neighborly.”

The comic also features Hough’s new painting Burger Night and a bonus educational chart entitled “All Art Is Abstract Art” (below), which includes the artist’s renderings of famous paintings from art history organized into a concise lesson on abstract art.

View the official book trailer for Starving Artist by James Hough.

Starving Artist: Jim Public Presents, Volume 1 by James Hough is available on paper at and digitally at eBookstores everywhere.

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James Hough, All Art Is Abstract Art

James Hough, Starving Artist, Page 1

James Hough, Starving Artist, Page 2

James Hough, Starving Artist, Page 3


The Official Sidekick Handbook by Too Slim and Texas Bix Bender, Gibbs Smith Press, illustrated by James Hough, aka Jim Public

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* The Official Sidekick Handbook
* written by Too Slim and Texas Bix Bender
* illustrations by James Hough
* published March 1, 2011, by Gibbs Smith

Authors Too Slim and Texas Bix Bender pay tribute to the sidekick archetype with step-by-step slacker advice, including demonstrations on how to make your hero look better by making yourself the fool and investigations of sidekicks throughout history, both actual and imagined.

I did about 60 black and white ink drawings for the book, some of which I've included below. I looked at Will Eisner and Morris of Lucky Luke fame for inspiration, whose works, along with those of Gyo Fujikawa, are always within reach for study or pleasure.

I don’t make any royalties for the sale of this book, but I do collect a few cents if you click above or right here and buy it from Amazon. I am proud of this book and I love to see it do well. I owe a Texas-sized debt of gratitude to my friend Lisa Anderson–author and funny person–for helping me with the project from beginning to end. Thanks, Lou!

James Hough, Small Ra from Official Sidekick Handbook 1

James Hough Scarabettra Comic from Official Sidekick Handbook 1

James Hough, Scarabettra Comic from Official Sidekick Handbook 2

James Hough, Political Archetype from Official Sidekick Handbook

James Hough, Literary Archetype from Official Sidekick Handbook

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Jonathan Hough, Maker of Things

That’s a custom lighter by Jonathan Hough.

It’s great to watch an artist develop. My favorite kind of artist is the one who—through experimentation, trial and error—seeks the best means to give shape to whatever space his head is in at that moment. And then when that head space shifts, so does the search for the way to give it tangible form.

Jonathan Hough, my brother, @jh0u9h on Instagram, is one of these artists. I follow what he makes, and we talk about art, broadly and specifically. Often he is the kind of artist who wants to be responsible for every atom (ideally) that comprises a piece of artwork. Below, check out my small collection of Jonathan’s work. Two of them are paintings made from hand-ground minerals mixed with oil to create his own paints. The third is a hammered metal piece that is part bell and part oculus. They are compact pieces, like gems, representing countless hours of focused making.

Jonathan Hough art

Now, Jonathan has taken his passion for metals and minerals, and an arsenal of technique he has developed as a jewelry-maker, and has begun collaborating with artists to create custom-engraved lighters. This project is his first big foray into bringing his highly specialized skills to a wider audience. Check out some of his recent collaborations…

David Cook / @bonethrower on Instagram

Alright, this one is for you @bonethrower. #custom #zippo #cnc #engraving #oneofakind #proof

A video posted by Jonathan (@jh0u9h) on

Reginald Pean / @frenchinald on Instagram

First official proof for @frenchinald. #custom #cnc #engraving #paradiselost #zippo #lighter

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And, the artist himself, Jonathan Hough / @jh0u9h on Instagram

Skeletal bird flippin. #cnc #engraving #wip #flippinthebird

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Find Jonathan on Instagram to see more of his work. @jh0u9h

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