I am an artist, illustrator, designer and front-end/UX web developer. In my spare time I enjoy raising two children with my wife, reading books with and without pictures, practicing yoga and making things out of cheap wood. I also make collaborative artwork with artist Sean Slattery; you can see some of our work at https://houghslattery.com/.

A brief biography: I grew up in Broken Arrow, OK, where I drew pictures of baseball cards and Sports Illustrated photos. Before moving to Dallas in 2010, my family and I lived in Las Vegas, NV, where I got my MFA and made some lifelong friends..

While in Las Vegas I co-founded—with artists David Ryan and Sean Slattery—Ripper Jordan, a collaborative art group. We made objects and pictures that both celebrated and mourned history, robots, love, science, animals, art, and being a person.

James Hough as a happy guy.

Send me your questions, comments, concerns, feedback, suggestions, praise, and slander at james@jimpublic.com.

I am the author and illustrator of Kid, Grandpa, Donut (Jim Public:2019), Starving Artist: Jim Public Presents, Volume 1 (Jim Public:2013), the illustrator of The Official Sidekick Handbook (Gibbs Smith:2011) and sometimes I exhibit artwork in the back of my pickup truck. I go by James, but I like using “Jim Public” for my web presence, publishing and other worldly activities because it’s hard to mispronounce.

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