Group Exhibition Event in Dallas

406 South Haskell Avenue Dallas, TX 75226 Sunday, March 11, 2012 6pm to 12am My friend James Whitmire invited me to participate in this one-night art and music event in downtown Dallas. I will be showing prints of some of the drawings I’ve made of my neighbors standing in front of their homes, as well… Continue reading Group Exhibition Event in Dallas

My buddy sent me a scan of the pastel sketch I made of him last October in Celina, TX

This drawing is an example of the scores of pastel portrait sketches I made in Celina, TX, during their centennial celebration on October 15, 2011. My idea was to use the Radiohead payment schedule–pay what you want–which worked okay until the swarms of unsupervised kids caught on and started paying me in pennies. Nevertheless, those… Continue reading My buddy sent me a scan of the pastel sketch I made of him last October in Celina, TX

3 Reasons Why You Should Blog Sporadically and Infrequently

Blogging as a form of e-correspondence is being surpassed by Tweeting, Facebook updating, and things I haven’t heard of yet; it seems to be going the way of the hand-written letter. But do not despair, bloggers! Now is the time not only for persistence but for a more strategic approach to blogging, and one way… Continue reading 3 Reasons Why You Should Blog Sporadically and Infrequently

Painting, November 12, 2011

The red and lavender palette and tissue-paper-looking paint call up images of muscle, cartilage, brain, all of the softer parts that make our insides work. The colors also remind me of kings and queens in their plush, royal cloaks and gold crowns. These colors are some of my favorite to work with, when I can… Continue reading Painting, November 12, 2011
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My Next-Door Neighbor and Me

On the day before the BUMP event I was making preparations in the driveway, and my next-door neighbor came by with his smartphone, ready for some photography. My hope was that we were doing the photo opp for a neighborly ink drawing, but instead he laughed and said something to the effect of, “Why would… Continue reading My Next-Door Neighbor and Me

The Camelot Community Neighborhood Party

Last Saturday the Camelot project bore its first real social fruit. Until then, my neighbor-meeting and -drawing campaign has served three purposes of dubious communal value: It has given me an opportunity to test and toughen my nerve by cold-knocking on strangers’ doors. It has provided (so far) six subjects for ink drawings. It has… Continue reading The Camelot Community Neighborhood Party

Up Next: the Camelot Neighborhood Party

The Rangers just lost a close Game 1 of the World Series, so here I am to compensate for my disappointment with the loss and my disgust with my own time-wasting by contributing to Jim Public’s web presence. Chances are you’re familiar with the kind of schedule-craziness that forces you to drop everything and do… Continue reading Up Next: the Camelot Neighborhood Party

BUMP in Celina

Saturday, October 15, 2011 was my inaugural DIY one-day solo art exhibition, and it was a Texas-sized mixed bag. I’ve had two good nights of sleep since then, and I’m still trying to fit all the strange little pieces of the day into a coherent impression; but, the pieces aren’t coming together. I’ve been an… Continue reading BUMP in Celina

Poster Post

I spent yesterday evening getting acquainted with the campuses of some of the larger universities in the Dallas area. I can tell you that between 5pm and 9pm, the art departments of SMU, UT Dallas, Collin College (Plano Campus), and UNT are all a-bustle. The smells of linseed oil, burning steel, wet clay were strong;… Continue reading Poster Post

BUMP, October 15, 1:30 to 11pm, Celina, Texas

I’m so excited to announce my first DIY art exhibition BUMP, which will take place this weekend on the porch of City Hall in Celina, TX, a small suburb not yet gobbled up by the DFW juggernaut, about 10 miles north of Frisco. Using a crack combination of scrap wood, black spray paint, paving stones,… Continue reading BUMP, October 15, 1:30 to 11pm, Celina, Texas

Cottonwood Art Festival

It’s important not to rant on one’s blog. Still, sometimes it’s the stuff that’s wrong with the world that whips you up into a right state. I’ve mentioned before that some gallery nights in Dallas are disappointing, that most of what hangs on walls and perches on pedestals is not good art. But it’s helpful… Continue reading Cottonwood Art Festival


The door-knocking, neighbor-meeting campaign continues. I’ve been going out each day between 4:30 and 5:30, which is a time that works well for me since it falls before our supper time, and, therefore, I hope, before most everyone else’s supper time, too. I’ve been to 138 homes, which puts me past the halfway point in… Continue reading Welcome

New Studies Coming In

Can I just tell you how much I look forward to having a camera that doesn’t distort the edges of my rectangular artwork? It’s like my paintings have rung your doorbell and you look through the peep-hole to see a warped, circular version of an otherwise rectilinear piece of art. Someday, this nice-sized lens of… Continue reading New Studies Coming In

Run Big Monkey, at Home

I think I said this before, but Run Big Monkey hangs on the one large wall we have in the house. There is in fact a newer painting that is 1″ longer than Monkey in each dimension, making it the current largest Jim Public piece; but, as I finished the larger painting after Monkey had… Continue reading Run Big Monkey, at Home

A Proclamation

I love being a dad. It’s the most rewarding job I’ll ever have. I love my kids. (That’s a photo of them, on the morning after a gorgeous cold front came in, having decided that when the weather gets cool, the cool pretend to be homeless.) That’s the proclamation (minus the parentheses). And it may… Continue reading A Proclamation
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Here I lounge, 45 minutes from our house in Garland, just down the road from the preschool where JPS is at this moment attending his first day as a student in a classroom. He has been absolutely stoked about the coming of this day. Since this time last year, when he had to endure sending… Continue reading Momentousness
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Run Big Monkey, 2010

As I was painting and sanding in turn, trying to build up a good-looking surface on this painting, I eventually started to see the image of a baboon running across the top of the canvas. Normally I don’t go seeking imagery in abstract artwork, especially my own; usually it’s impressions, visual and emotional, that I’m… Continue reading Run Big Monkey, 2010