It’s Henna

A few weeks ago as summer vacation was coming to an end I produced my most recent voluntary public art commission. My niece had returned from a trip to Hawaii with a small tube of smelly green goo–a lot like a fine pesto, really–for making henna tattoos. She had run out of time in Hawaii… Continue reading It’s Henna
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Jormungand at Home

Here is Jormungand Releases His Tail in its current natural habitat, which is directly in my line of vision if I look across the room from my side of the bed. I give it a good look for a few moments maybe every other day; I miss it much of the time because I take… Continue reading Jormungand at Home

Jormungand Releases His Tail, 2010, by James Hough

Jormungand Releases His Tail, 2010, acrylic on canvas, 45.25″h x 41.25″w Buy Last fall, while I was working on God’s Covenant at the Event Horizon, I was also at work on a painting similar in size and technique. I was looking a lot at the mid-to-late-20th century American painters Joan Mitchell and Philip Guston while… Continue reading Jormungand Releases His Tail, 2010, by James Hough

Life, with Art

It is said that when selling artwork online one should take nice photos showing the art in a pleasing environment, such as you would find in the pages of home design magazines like Dwell or Architectural Digest. Looking at photos and ads in these mags, I get the feeling that the usually fluffy decorative paintings,… Continue reading Life, with Art

God’s Covenant at the Event Horizon, 2010, by James Hough

God’s Covenant at the Event Horizon, 2010, acrylic on canvas, 48.5″h x 41.5″w Buy I want to catch you up on some of the larger artworks I’ve made in the last year since we moved to Garland. A lot of the paintings I’ve done over the years are in the medium-to-large size range–between about 3′… Continue reading God’s Covenant at the Event Horizon, 2010, by James Hough

Jim Public Is Growing Up

I’m happy to announce two extensions of the Jimiverse! First, I’ve made this blog available for Kindle at The cost, set by Amazon, is $1.99/month, and you get a 14-day free trial. If you click the Amazon link in the sidebar, just there to the left, not only will you be taken to the… Continue reading Jim Public Is Growing Up

Reading, Crying

Yesterday was the last day of summer vacation. In one hour I will be dragging what I hope will be two very chipper children from their beds, 2 1/2 hours before the time they awoke just yesterday. JPW, my wife, would have preferred that I had started channeling them into the straight and narrow in… Continue reading Reading, Crying
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Yesterday ended the Public family’s epic month of vacationing, and we now look ahead to 3rd grade starting in a few days for JPG and pre-K for JPS a few weeks further. As we were getting settled on the plane which was to rend us from Salk Lake City, and as we were just tasting… Continue reading Nancy

The Hyper-Local Artist

I’ve stated that I am a hyper-local artist, and I see two aspects of what this means. First, I am a geographically local artist, a person who does creative work in my suburban neighborhood and attempts to connect the work to the life of the neighborhood. True, I am still in the planning stages of… Continue reading The Hyper-Local Artist

Ready for the Small Time

August has truly been a summer travel extravaganza for the Public family. During the weeks prior to our camping in the New Mexico mountains we spent 5 days each in Austin and Tulsa. Then after one day of recovery from New Mexico (and Carlsbad Caverns, which was beautiful both underground in the caves and on… Continue reading Ready for the Small Time


I’m excited to announce that my inaugural quest as an artist building himself a grassroots art career has a name… Yes, in fact it is Facelife. And here is what Facelife is: I will be donning a nice shirt and putting gel in my hair, walking through my neighborhood, and knocking on all 227 doors,… Continue reading Facelife

A Respectable Haircut

I’m happy to share with you that I’ve made some progress since my first Jimmy, Meet World post, in which I took a look at my look to see what I could do to make myself less freaky-looking as I introduce myself to people in my community. I got a haircut. I’ve spent most of… Continue reading A Respectable Haircut

Jimmy, Meet World

I want my artwork to reach a lot of people and a lot of different kinds of people. Working toward building a large, diverse audience helps me achieve two goals: 1) I’m more likely to make a living doing this, and 2) I satisfy the drive that artists–all people, really–have, to cross the barriers that… Continue reading Jimmy, Meet World