How to Lame Duck book cover

How to Lame Duck: a presidential comic strip collection

“What if President Trump were to lose the 2020 election, gracefully accept defeat, and decide in his 70s to become a better person?”

This is the question that drives How to Lame Duck, a collection of 50 comic strips that tells the fictional, speculative story of the Donald Trump Lame Duck period, from November 2020 to January 20, 2021.

If you like jokes about elections, social media, executive orders, military force, face masks, crass commerce, yelling, Bible stories, nicknames, abortion, the Supreme Court, Christianity, stuffed animal friends, ultrasounds, or beards, then this is the book for you.

How to Lame Duck is available to read any time on the Trump After Trump – The Lame Duck Comic Strip page. You can also purchase from the Kindle store. It’s published digitally by Jim Public, 2020.

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Kid, Grandpa, Donut book cover

Kid, Grandpa, Donut

Inspired by the mixed bag that is cat ownership, Kid, Grandpa, Donut tells the story of Kiddo and Grandpa racing through their chores to determine who wins the one pink donut with sprinkles left over from breakfast. Here’s the official book description:

One pink donut with sprinkles. Two people who want to eat it.

If Kiddo can finish his chores before Grandpa does, he gets the whole thing! With the help of his kitty, he is determined to win, but how far is Kiddo willing to go for victory? And, really, are cats good partners?

James Hough, author and illustrator of Starving Artist (Jim Public:2013), brings another story of hard work, sacrifice and the pursuit of a delicious treat, with a child-grandparent relationship and lots of drawings of a cat being a cat!

Kid, Grandpa, Donut is available to read any time as a webcomic. You can also purchase from the Kindle store. It’s published digitally by Jim Public, 2019.

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Starving Artist, Jim Public Presents, Volume 1, by James Hough, cover image

Starving Artist

Starving Artist is also an illustrated story about being motivated by something delicious, but in this case it’s Jim trying to sell artwork so he can take his family out for burgers.

Do you have a dream? For fame? Fortune? A juicy burger? Jim the artist dreams of all three, but he only needs enough fame and fortune to pay for his family to eat at everyone’s favorite burger joint. And if he can just sell one painting from the back of his pickup truck, his dream will come true.

A story for all ages—told almost exclusively with pictures—Starving Artist follows the highs and lows of one artist’s day and the little joys that keep him going.

As a bonus, the comic book includes a supplemental chart that gives a brief and colorful lesson in the history and range of abstract painting, and it features James Hough’s canvas Burger Night.

There are three ways to read Starving Artist, which was published by Jim Public in 2013.

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