Trump After Trump #25

Trump After Trump Comic Strip 4-panel strip

COVID Joe, a Nickname Masterpiece, a Prediction of Historical Revision

I wonder how long it would take Trump to start blaming COVID fallout on Biden, if Biden were to take office in 2021.

I also wonder if these jokes are funny only to one person. In this case, I laugh at Pence reading the Bible every chance he gets and Trump holding the phone close to his face and using the remind function on a smartphone to make sure he doesn’t neglect something important.

I also wonder, “What’s going on in this comic strip? Like, big picture?” I feel like these strips add up to a sense that, in a lame-duck presidency, there isn’t much to do but wait around for your predecessor to redecorate the Oval Office and give you the friendly boot. I’m sure presidents find plenty to do with the three or so months between election and inauguration, but it’s more fun this way.

Waiting around, killing time, starting companies that sell face masks, inventing killer nicknames and hashtags.

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  1. What is the plan for this strip after Nov 3–one way or the other we won’t have to wonder. I do like the character development, especially around Pence; somehow at least in my mind he is almost completely eclipsed by his boss.

    1. The strip will probably continue similarly, but (I hope) get more interesting because Trump will no longer be tethered to the Oval Office. My dream is to give the actual Trump a nice example of how he could be a different kind of person after he leaves office. Someone less corrosive, maybe even someone who does good? We’ll see.

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