Sunk, 2011, by James Hough

Sunk, 2011, painting by James Hough
Sunk, 2011, painting by James Hough

I’ve made some preemptive resolutions for the coming year, one of which is to use words less often. The world is full of them already. That said, sometimes I like to talk about where a new work comes from. So here goes.

Distinterested Witness (destroyed), Jim Public, 2011

Sunk was called Disinterested Witness for a while, but after about a week of looking at it in the house it wasn’t holding up to repeated viewings. So, now it’s Sunk. Before the DW nomenclature there had been a ghostly image of a ship at sea in the piece, but no photos survive to document that permutation. And prior to all of that, this panel and canvas had been home to a painting from 2005 called TAF Prototype, from my days as a painter of faux-marketing-graphic-design-satire.

TAF Prototype (destroyed), Jim Public, 2005

But, again, now it’s Sunk, and I think it’s going to stay that way.

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