From a Selection of Paintings, 2007, by James Hough

It is crazy to look back on complete bodies of work that you made years back. I hadn’t thought about these paintings from 2007 for a while, then I stumbled upon them recently, deep in my hard drive. I made this group of paintings while I lived in Las Vegas. They embody the romance of the Old West that still characterizes that place.

James Hough, Koby Teith Star, 2006 James Hough, Ever Profaning, 2007 James Hough, Paint Aphorism, 2007 James Hough, Status Quo, 2007 James Hough, The Dots of Their Eyes, 2007 James Hough, When You Open Your Eyes, 2007 James Hough, The West Was Won, 2007 James Hough, The Oiler, 2007