4 Acrylic Studies, June 2014

Here are some new acrylic studies on plexiglass. They are explorations of techniques and color palettes for new work.

I worked on the set simultaneously, so they make a nice set.

James Hough, 4 acrylic studies, June 2014, 140623

James Hough, pink acrylic study, June 2014, 140623

James Hough, black acrylic study, June 2014, 140623

James Hough, green acrylic study, June 2014, 140623

James Hough, orange acrylic study, June 2014, 140623


Tumbley, 2014

It has been likened to a picture of blood vessels or tumbleweeds, but I call it Tumbley. This painting is approximately 12 paintings made on top of each other then collapsed into one very noisy, smooth surface.

Tumbley, 2014, acrylic on canvas, by James Hough

James Hough
Tumbley, 2014
acrylic on canvas
13.5″ x 63.5″

Our first quilt

Portrait quilt, 2014, by the Houghs

My wife’s ancestors were pioneer farmers, and we are carrying on one of their traditions.


We began this one—our first—about 5 years ago then put it on hold for a while until we got some big quilting frames last Christmas. And now we have completed it.

The design comes from a photo of our daughter cuddling our son when they were about ages 6 and 1. If you back away from the quilt about 50 feet you can see the image, which is hardly practical, so we content ourselves with wrapping ourselves in our new blanket knowing that the design is a picture of our kids, even if we can’t tell up close.

Here’s a tiny picture of it, which shows the image a little better.

Portrait quilt (small image), 2014, by the Houghs