3-D Cash Sculptures Passing Each Other in the Mail

My brother turned 30 just before Christmas. He is an artist, jeweler, and gemstone enthusiast, so with a little inspiration I arrived at a novel way to send him his birthday cash: those decade birthdays call for extra recognition, right? 30 Dollar Polyhedron James Hough So here is the 30-sided polyhedron—constructed from 1-dollar bills—that I sent him as a late birthday gift. Late as in post-Christmas. Which means that my brother’s late Christmas gifts to my family must have passed my gift to him in the mail, because we each received our packages within a day of the other. Cash Origami by James Hough's Brother He sent us a cash butterfly and a cash elf boot! We were both shocked and thrilled that our minds had gone to the same obscure place when we decided what gifts to send each other. Neither of us had sent or—as far as I know—even made anything like these cash constructions before! p.s. I should note that though my gift to him was larger in volume, his was larger monetarily:)


  1. Wow Mr.hough your very cool I’m glad to had you as a art teacher in I hope one day you do a art class in everything.
    In also will you come to the school this year cause I’m finnaly in art class (with Mr.Davis this year) well that’s it for now

    sincerely, mike

    1. Hello again, Mr. W!

      I’m so glad you are back with Mr. Davis this year. If you also have choir, you will be master of the fine arts wing! I will come visit this year, for sure.

      I hope you are having a good first week of school. Thank you for leaving your comment on my site:)

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